My Little Fairytale

I am sorry that I have been fairly quiet on here lately. A lot has been happening, a lot of wonderful things, which you may have already seen via insta – I bought my very first home! Such a huge weight has been lifted since then and I have had absolutely no interest in being on social media. However, I still love writing so I wanted to use this opportunity to share a little tale with you. It is a story, a true story and this story will start at the beginning, so I am going to take you back a few years, back to 2013.

In March of 2013 I started a new job, this was such a huge point in my life, at the time it was my ‘dream job’ and I was so excited to start my career journey. I arrived at work on my very first day, I reported to the front reception area and surprisingly, I was welcomed by a tall, dark and handsome gentleman. I blushed, I smiled, he smiled back, and it was from that day I knew he was the one.

So rather than bore you with general life details, we are going to jump forward again, another few years, to 2016. A lot had happened as you can probably imagine, in life and at work, and a lot of fun had been had. That tall, dark, handsome gentleman I mentioned earlier, well we had become good friends and by this point we also worked on the same team. It was such an amazing team, we all built the most incredible bond and as a team, we spent a lot of time together, both inside and outside of work.

One day, as friends only, myself and the tall, dark, handsome gentleman decided to go shopping together. It was a wonderfully strange day, so many occasions that we found ourselves comfortably silent, just gazing into each others eyes.

We arrived back in Surrey around dusk and the sun was setting over the Surrey Hills, it was a charming, warm evening. We had arrived back earlier than expected, with about 40 minutes to spare before we both had other plans and secretly, neither of us wanted the day to end. He made an executive decision to waste the time wisely and he suggested we pull up somewhere with a view to watch the sunset together. He drove us to the top of a quiet little road that overlooked the Surrey skyline. We sat in his car, the sun burning through the window, crying with laughter over dog videos on YouTube, and desperately not wanting to leave.

So one last time, jump ahead another couple of years, to October 2018. Myself and that tall, dark, handsome gentleman still reminisce over that evening and we have been together ever since.

For a long time we had been looking to buy a property and back in May of this year, after scrolling through pages and pages of Rightmove, we found a cute place on the internet. We went to view it, we fell in love with it, we put in an offer, and I can now happily say that we are fully moved in to our very own beautiful 3 bedroom house, but the best part?! It turns out, completely and utterly by chance, the house we have bought, is located on the exact same street where we parked up and watched the sunset together those years ago, right before we fell in love. My real life little fairytale. Cute right?

Penny x

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