How To Create The Perfect Ponytail

As part of my collaboration with Kirsty McCall, I wanted to share some step by step tips to achieving simple but gorgeous looking hairstyles. My hair is very heavy, so it is impossible for me to just throw my hair up and if I do, I usually get an awful headache. However, with Kirsty’s help we have created an easy style that looks and feels weightless.

Step 1.

Curl your hair first using your heated styling tool of choice. Add hairspray to each section to lock that hold and lightly brush through your hair afterwards. Kirsty also sprayed dry shampoo through my hair before curling to add a little extra strength.

Step 2.

Take the top section of hair from ear to ear. Using your thumbs above each ear, move up and across like drawing an invisible alice band and meet centre. Leave that front section down either side and tie the back section of your hair up into a ponytail. For heavy hair use 3 clear elastic bands to tie.

Step 3.

Take the front section either side and backcomb slightly at the roots to create height and volume. You then pull those sections back, softly twist and wrap around the rubber band to hide, then pin the hair into place. Pull a few little pieces of hair down at the front (if you want to) and that is it, as easy as that.

Taking the two front sections either side helps to add more detail and height, as well as taking away some of the weight from the bulk of the ponytail… meaning, no more headaches. Yay for me!

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Penny x

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