Hair, homeware and wellness this Christmas

2021 has quite possibly been one of the most stressful years for me, I have struggled mentally and physically and I feel emotionally drained, and sadly, I think a lot of people feel this way. So whether you wish you use this post as a last minute gift guide OR you simply want to TREAT YO’ SELF, either is absolutely fine. But in all honesty, this guide has been put together to help you find a little bit of peace and wellness this Christmas, sometimes we need inner zen, not pigs in blankets.

Ceramic Diffuser by Green People

My first recommendation to bring the calm this Christmas, is the amazing Alexandra Kay Time To Breathe Ceramic Diffuser by Green People along with their Me Time essential oils.

I am obsessed with this diffuser, it looks stunning and it has truly helped calm my anxiety. Every evening, the diffuser goes on, next to my bed, whilst I wind down for the day and it has had such a positive impact. My favourite scent of the three essential oils is the Time to Relax, closely followed by Time to Smile. You can buy the essential oils scents together as a set of 3 or individually.

I also own the Time To Inhale Handheld Diffuser and it comes with me EVERYWHERE. I highly recommend any of the Green People diffusers, along with their essential oils. They will leave your rooms smelling perfect and your mind peaceful.

Hola Coco Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

Next up is the INCREDIBLE Hola Coco Mulberry Silk Pillowcase – I mean, need I say anymore?!

Not only are silk pillows incredible for your hair, as they minimise frizz, reduce hair breakage and reduce hair loss but they are also great for your skin.

Due to stress, my skin has really flared over the past few months, with breakouts like I have never known. Well with recent changes to my diet, skincare routine and the nightly use of the Hola Coco Mulberry Silk Pillowcase, my skin has started to clear.

I actually look forward to going to bed because of this pillowcase. Once you give it a try, I promise you, you will never want to sleep on a cotton pillowcase ever again. Silk also contains natural cooling properties which have helped aid a more relaxed and restful nights sleep.

We Are Paradoxx

We Are Paradoxx are a sustainable, plastic-free, vegan and 100% natural haircare brand. This wonderful brand reached out to me via Instagram a couple of months ago and very kindly sent over their Repair range to try out. Well ever since I started using this brand, I have been hooked! I have used the We Are Paradoxx Repair range for every single wash since it arrived and I have really noticed a difference since using these products.

The packaging is amazing and the products smell incredible, with ingredients such as Carrageen Moss and Ginseng, I have found these natural scents extremely calming and relaxing. The shampoo gently strips away dirt and pollution and has helped my hair to stay cleaner for longer, while the 3 in 1 lightweight conditioner has nourished my hair without leaving it feeling heavy or greasy.

So take sometime for yourself this festive period and remember, health and wellness is truly, all we really need.

Penny x


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