Trialling bridal hair styles

Our wedding is taking place (hopefully) in March 2022 and I cannot believe how quickly it has come around. We wanted at least two years between getting engaged and getting married and suddenly, two lockdown years later, it’s right around the corner. Although, with recent news of other European countries going back into lockdown, I am not particularly confident.

Anyway, you may have seen from my IG stories that I recently spent the weekend trialling bridal hair styles with the amazing Katya. Katya is a Surrey based bridal hair stylist or as I like to refer to her, the hair God.

I am so in love with the looks Katya created and I wanted to use this opportunity to share some of the styles and understand your thoughts and feedback.

Personally, I feel that my hair is my biggest feature and my hair helps me feel confident, so how my hair looks on my wedding day is very important to me.

Look 1 – The Low Pony

The Low Pony

First up, the perfectly styled low pony – From behind, this creation looks like a ‘half up, half down’ do, however it is actually a ponytail. I am in love with the texture around the crown of the head and how it then flows into beautiful loose curls. This style has a hint of boohoo whilst still remaining classic and simple.

I feel like this look would work well with most dresses, however I would be cautious if my dress contained a lot of detail across the back. With a hair style like this, the statement either needs to be the hair OR the dress, I think it would be too much with both.

Look 2 – The Up Do

This up do is such an elegant look and one of my favourites. The crown area is textured with dreamy waves and volume, whilst still looking light and natural. This creation by Katya gives off all the ‘effortless movie look’ vibes; like we all know this creation took hours to achieve, but the movie producers are still going to have us believe ‘I woke up like this’.

The bun is probably as simple as I am going to get with my length of hair but I like that this isn’t too ‘wedding’. The bun is styled neatly and is totally wedding ready, but, I feel like I could get away with wearing this style out to brunch or drinks with the girls and it would never look too much – what are your thoughts?

This is the hair style you want/need if your wedding dress is going to be the statement piece. It still brings all the attention, without taking away from the showstopper itself.

Look 3 – Adding accessories

Finally, we added some simple flower accessories for a little more depth and detail. These gorgeous little flowers are easy to apply and elegant, and I think would match perfectly if the wedding dress contains lace detail.

I also like that these pretty flowers would work well with an off the shoulder style dress. They help add a little something extra, without totally taking away from the neckline.

Would you prefer flowers or something with sparkle? Or maybe no accessories at all? Let me know your feedback and your favourite look in the comments below or over on my Insta.

Thank you to Katya Valentina Hair for the amazing #bridalinspo.

Penny x

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