Black and POC hair and beauty owners I LOVE.

I want to share some incredible women with you. I am aware that this is something I need to actively share and promote, both now and continually moving forward. I understand that I will never understand but I stand by you.

I share hair tips based on my experience and my hair, for obvious reasons, I would never try to offer advice for hair types that I do not understand. What I can do is share some incredible women, who can, offer appropriate advice, so here are some hair and beauty owners, as well as lifestyle content creators that I admire.

I am sharing their accounts with you because each of them are incredibly talented and I can only aspire to be like each and every one of them.

  1. @niathelight

Nia is a model, author, content creator AND owner of @thecurlbarlondon. I mean maybe she should run for president next, because what can’t she do?! She is incredible. She is inspirational and I am dying to visit her curl bar one day soon.


In addition @niathelight also owns the Instagram page @blackowndbusiness, where she shares one black owned business each day, this is the kind of support we need in our lives right now, people!


2. @beautycleanseskincare

Next up is @beautycleanseskincare. I have been using her incredible Mean Green Super Food Drops for over a year now. You can literally use the drops ANYWHERE on your body, from face to hair, nails and cuticles. The products are totally organic and as always, vegan.

@beautycleanseskincare recently had a total rebrand of their products, as well as adding Carrot Algae Marine Drops to their offering, which I am desperate to try. They are totally sustainable, natural, cruelty free and the drops have worked absolute wonders on my nails; a day-to-day go to natural oil.

You can check out my thoughts on the drops in a video here from last summer.


3. @blogonblogs

The most stunning account, sharing and featuring content creators and bloggers. I have been connected with @blogonblogs for almost a year now and I adore them. They share incredible images and they are just the most wonderful, powerful women who run the account.

They share, highlight and support black and POC bloggers and content creators, with every single one of their images being absolute GOALS.


4. @afrohairandskinco

@afrohairandskinco is an incredible hair and skin oil that is handcrafted in a UK based home, specifically formulated and created to champion wellness for black women.

Their hair and skincare products are totally plant based with eco-friendly packaging and have featured in magazines such as Vogue, Stylist and Glamour.

Also, how unbelievable does the Cleansing Shampoo Bar sound? *dribbles* You can check out her amazing website and direct link to the shampoo bar here –


Finally, the amazingly talented @miaraexsmith designer and created the beautiful printed, ‘kiss it‘ tees. All profits are being donated to the Black lives Matter charity and she has almost reached £1,000! Please, please check her out and get hold of one of her incredible tees while you can.


I don’t care what colour, shape or size you are, I love you all. Whoever you are, just be kind and make a positive impact.


Penny x

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