How we chose the ring

I have had so many people comment on my beautiful engagement ring and I have also had lots of questions as to whether Tadhg picked it himself.

In between Christmas and New Year 2019, Tadhg had said to me, that he wanted us to go on a journey and begin looking for rings together. There was no rush or pressure but we both wanted to get an idea.

So one afternoon we stumbled across a beautiful, independent, family run jewellers in Surrey, Campbells. We popped in and they were instantly so welcoming. They encouraged Stanley to come indoors with us and even let him wander around the shop without a lead. We were made to feel so at home, without giving them any information as to why we were there. They even gave Stanley some digestive biscuits, so he loved it too.

So I am a girl that knows what she wants. I knew that I had always wanted an oval shaped ring, I had also always wanted a yellow diamond engagement ring, so as I entered the jewellers, I had my list ready.

They didn’t have any yellow diamonds, they did however, have a beautiful oval sapphire, which they allowed me to view and try.

Tadhg and I were both totally stunned at how STUNNING this sapphire was. Such a deep blue, that glistened such gorgeous lighter shades in the sun. However, because I thought I was still set on a yellow diamond, I put the sapphire to one side and began to fill in my details, so they could contact me once they had a yellow diamond for me to try.

Driving home, Tadhg and I kept referring back to the sapphire. We couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. We discussed how much it meant to us that Stanley was there and I told Tadhg that blue was the colour I had always associated with my first dog (and first love) Max. We just could not stop talking about it.

Tadhg suggested that I call the jewellers and ask if they would keep the sapphire on hold for me, so I could at least compare it against the yellow diamond, once it arrived. But by this point, we had both already fallen in love.

Now heres the strange part, when I called and asked the jewellers to hold the sapphire for me, this was their response; “how strange, we got a funny feeling and have actually already put the sapphire on hold for you.”

Over the coming weeks, we tried a number of different yellow diamonds and blue sapphires, however none of them came close to the one we had found in Campbells.

The ring was created and designed totally bespoke for me, with the (original) blue sapphire set in a double diamond halo, platinum ring.

It truly is the most beautiful ring, I am so in love. I haven’t stopped looking at it since Tadhg proposed.

I am one very VERY lucky lady.


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