How to prepare your skin for long haul travel

Although travelling is good for the soul, it is not always as great for your skin. Travelling long-haul can severely dehydrate your skin, as well as causing breakouts. 

I mean flying at 35,000 feet has never been normal for us human beings, neither is spending 6.5 hours on a speeding train, taking in only recycled air. I have always loved travelling, if you follow me on socials, you will know that I live to see the world, however, as travelling can take its toll on your skin, I have created my very own travel size, skincare routine.

1. Staying Hydrated

A few hours before I travel, I begin the water wash out. Your body is 60% water, so before travelling, especially when you’re flying high in the sky, it is important to ensure your body is fully hydrated. I buy myself a 2 litre bottle of water and slowly consume it throughout the day. Now don’t get me wrong, you should be doing this every day anyway, but if you’re anything like me and absolutely useless at drinking, then use travelling as an opportunity to ensure you are preparing your body. 

If you drink the water too quickly, it will simply wash through your body and not hold as needed, so drink slowly; little and often. 

2. Hydrating Products 

Again, a few hours before travelling, I wash, cleanse, tone and thoroughly moisturise my face and body. I usually apply an oily serum to my face, followed by a hydrating moisturiser. I also use a thick, fragrance-free body cream to hydrate my skin. 

When flying, as long as your products are under 100ml you can also take them with you in hand luggage. Make sure your hands are clean and top up throughout the journey as needed. It is also very useful to keep a lip balm with you too. 

3. No Make-up

Now ladies, trust me I know how hard this is, but where possible please try not to wear make-up when travelling. It will just clog your pores and cause for more break-outs. Keep your skin light, hydrated and free from dirt. When flying, take a miniature facial wash with you and clean every few hours, re-applying your hydrating cleanser and moisturiser. 

4. Masques / Masks

You know the lovely sheet masks you have somewhere at the bottom of your bedside table drawer, or the unopened radiance masque, hidden in your bathroom cupboard, waiting for that relaxing evening at home with candles on? Well lets face it, how often does that actually happen? So rather than the masks collecting dust at home, take them with you and wear when travelling.

I mean, only do this if you’re happy to look a little crazy and potentially scare the people sat next to you, but I have given up caring what people think and realised my skin is much more important. So I always take masks along with me, especially when flying and wear for as long as possible throughout the flight. 

So thats it, a very simple routine to follow and it’s really not difficult maintain. Your skin is one of your bodies most important organs, so keep it happy and healthy when you’re putting it through mild stress and unusual activities. 

Travel often, but always stay hydrated when doing so. 

Penny x

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