Top hair oils for the winter

As long as you are applying correctly, hair oils will not make your hair greasy. These kind of products should be applied in small amounts and only to the ends of your hair, however their regular use is extremely important for hair health, especially during the winter period.

I have heard so many people say that they do not use hair oils or serums because they make their hair greasy, but that simply isn’t true. Start using a little more sparingly and you will soon see the benefits.

Apply around a 5p sized amount to the palm of your hand, rub together and then gently run your hands through the ends of your hair.

As we are now very much into the winter months, I thought I would share my top rated hair oils, that you should be investing into for smooth locks this Christmas. And if you do not want to part with your cash yourself, I have purposely created this blog in time to get these oils added to your stocking list.

3. Argan Secret – Argan Oil

First on my list today is the Argan Secret, argan oil. This is a beautiful rich, argan product, that is fantastic for styling and split ends. I have been using this product for around 4 years plus, now. This oil can be applied to hair, wet or dry hair. I usually apply to damp hair, before brushing to assist with de-tangling.

This argan oil will really help to add nourishment when hair is dry and broken, as well as giving a beautiful natural shine.

This product comes in a small glass bottle, 60ml, with a pump included and can be purchased for £12.74, with next day delivery from Sally Beauty UK. They also currently have a 3 for 2 offer, across the whole argan range, which trust me, is a fab offer.

2. Maria Nila – True Soft Argan Oil

Next up is the Maria Nila, True Soft Argan Oil. This is a fantastic product and still my favourite ever argan oil.

It is totally silky smooth from the moment you apply to the palm of your hand. All of the Maria Nila products are 100% vegan and cruelty free and this liquid silk, is incredible for softening the ends of your hair. Again, this can be used on wet or dry hair and absorbs very quickly, not leaving behind any sticky residue. I usually apply this product to my hair whilst damp, just before styling and drying.

This product comes in a 100ml sized bottle and can be purchased for £20, from Sally Beauty UK. They also have a current offer of buy 1 get 1 half price, across all Maria Nila styling range, which is AMAZING.

I also found the Maria Nila, True Soft Argan Oil on The Vegan Kind for just £16.99, plus you get 10% off your first order, however you have to pay £3.69 for shipping.

Personal opinion; the buy 1 + 1 half price is the better deal.

1. Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil

Last, but certainly not least. My new favourite hair oil, the Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil. By far the best hair oil I have used. A small amount goes a very long way and you see the difference instantly.

It boosts shine, strengthens and repairs. It is vegan, colour-safe and also includes heat protection. I personally apply this product to dry hair; I add as the final touch to any style of hair, taming frizz and adding natural shine.

A 30ml bottle will cost you £26, plus free delivery on Sally Beauty currently, but it really is worth every penny.

The cheapest I found was £22.49 from Gooseberry, an additional 10% off for first time users, with just £1 tracked shipping, however I have never used this site before so cannot give my personal thoughts and experience.

I regularly use all 3 of the products I have mentioned above, after every wash. I truly believe that they have made a difference to the overall health of my hair and I would never wash my hair without applying at least one afterwards.

Please do let me know if you use any of the above oils, or any others brands that I haven’t mentioned?

Have a great December, lots of love.

Penny x

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