Becoming a Skinfluencer

You may have seen recently over on my IG, that I have been welcomed into the family and given the official title of #Skinfluencer for Dermalogica. I cannot begin to explain how proud I am to be working officially with such an incredible brand and it is a huge achievement for me, to be recognised by a company that I admire so much.

To add even more excitement to this recent announcement, I have also been invited to attend Dermalogica’s upcoming Skinfluencer Skin Fitness Day at the Dermalogica UK HQ. This event is due to be a day of wellness, health, food and even yoga, HOW exciting! So stay tuned as I will be bringing you plenty of updates from the day itself very soon.

Now while we are here, I may as well tell you a little more about my favourite Dermalogica product and my personal history with the brand.

I have used several Dermalogica products on my skin for many years now, I started after it was recommended to me by my doctor, as I was suffering with mild acne, slight scarring and had recently been told that I was allergic to fragrance.

Since then, not only have some of their products become a huge part of my daily skin routine, there is one product inparticular that I honestly could NOT live without.

My absolute favourite Dermalogica product is their Ultra Calming Cleanser. This is a light, soothing gel that I apply all over my face and neck, every morning and evening.

Without this product, my skin quickly becomes dry and usually irritated. I love this product so much, that I own multiple bottles in multiple sizes, so I never have to risk travelling anywhere without it.

As if I didn’t love everything about Dermalogica enough, they have just announced that they have upgraded all of their UK online packaging to be completely recyclable and plastic free. #amazing

So finally from me, just a little reminder to all of you that hold hope in your heart; keep going and stay focused. You really can turn any of your dreams into a reality.

Allowing and combining my passion for hair, wellness and writing to become a huge part of my day-to-day life, has led me to achieve incredible opportunities, such as this and inspires me to continue and do more.

Love you all,

Penny x

*The Ultra Calming Cleanser that I have mentioned above has never been gifted to me. This is my honest opinion and I purchased this particular product myself.

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