Why I am so proud to love

Firstly, I am very aware that my last few post titles have all begun with “Why I…” this hasn’t been intentional, I have just found these topics and titles have sat hand in hand. I also want to be sure that I am expressing my honest feelings. These posts are not here to preach or tell people what to do, they are my views, plans, ideas etc. and I just want those reading to know, that there is never any expectation from myself other than to share my thoughts.

Now this is a slightly different post from me, but something I felt I needed to express.

I have always been a hugely loving person, definitely a little too much in the past, but you live and learn. However, I suddenly realised this morning, that I am actually so proud of this and it is not something I should ever shy away from.

Now as I am VERY sure you are aware, I have a huge place in my heart for all animals, mainly dogs. This is something a lot of people do not understand and I often hear; “but it’s just a dog”. *Penny refrain from throwing punches*

I am not going to sit here and bore** you with why “it is NOT just a dog”, however instead, I am going to share a few reasons as to why I am so proud to have the ability to love the way I do.

**I actually mean, – waste my time.

1. I can love a being that isn’t my own.

How amazing is it, that some people (and I get it, not everyone) can love something, that is not another human being. I haven’t pushed this thing out of my lady flower, but why does that give people the right to pass judgment or think you can love any less? It is still a living thing, that expects nothing more than love and companionship in return… okay and my dinner leftovers.

2. I can learn to love new things.

I am so proud that I can learn to love the way I do. I can explore, experience and love something that I never knew existed, and surely, if more people could love this way, we would have a lot more time for each other, the planet and it’s living things, rather than just loving the people close to you?

3. Love more often.

If you like something, then love it. If you don’t, cool, leave it there. It is so empowering, inspiring and sexy to see someone doing something they love. Enjoy it. You live once. If you ended up on your death bed tomorrow, I can guarantee, your regrets would be the things you DID NOT do, like love more often.

And thats it.

I definitely have my mum to thank for being the loving person that I am. She loves everything and everyone, and although it has annoyed me at times, she always sees the best in everyone and every situation… And as I have grown up, I have realised, there is no bloody better way to live!

Laugh at the bad situations, try to see the good in everything and everyone, because life can be a bit s**t otherwise.

Have a great week, I love you all,

Penny x

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