The truth to owning a dog

Firstly, no lie, I just accidentally typed god instead of dog in the title. DOG SPEALT BACKWARDS IS GOD. THIS is the kind of god dog I believe in! When I die PLEASE take me to dog god heaven!

Anyway, moving on. I am hoping you have been keeping up to date on my Insta with all the fun Stanley and I have been having. Check it out if you haven’t, we had a fantastic time sneaking him into ‘no dogs allowed’ stores earlier this week.

Now if you are thinking of getting a dog or a puppy, then I thought I would share some top tips and truths to consider before the stork delivers your fur baby.

No. 1

Dog beds are for suckers. Just don’t waste your money, there is absolutely no point. Even if you say you won’t allow it (I said that), they will still sleep in your bed. And why get a dog and then not allow that lovely little sausage to appreciate all those wonderful things in life that you also love? Like snuggling up in bed together.

To back it all up, a study undertaken in the United States found that women who share their beds with a dog reported a better and more restful nights sleep. They also said that their dogs were less disruptive than their human partners and gave them a stronger feeling of comfort and security. Baaaaaaahh, Tadhg out, Stanley in!

No. 2

Yes means yea, go on then.

No means OF COURSE! For everything. Period.

No. 3

You’ll never be able to make your bed again. Stanley thinks it is a game to jump on and under the covers every time I make the bed. BUT WHAT A GREAT GAME!!

No. 4

This is where s**t gets real.

Dogs are healthy for you!

Studies have shown that canine companions are linked to lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and decreased triglyceride levels, which contribute to better overall cardiovascular health and fewer heart attacks. What’s more, dog owners who do have heart attacks have better survival rates following the events.

Studies have also shown that not only can your puppy make for a happier home, spending just a few minutes with your dog can lower anxiety levels, and increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are two neurochemicals that affect your calm and wellbeing.

Finally, dogs ease tension both at the office and between married couples. So just take your dog to work with you. Everyday.

No. 5

THEY ARE JUST THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD AND THE GREATEST THING YOU WILL EVER DO. Humans really do not deserve dogs (or any animals in general), but I promise you, they will bring out the very best in you. They will teach you to love unconditionally, they will never, ever, judge and they will help you realise why it is so important to only live in ‘the now’.

Thank you very much for reading. One last thing, if you prefer children to dogs, you should probably go to the doctor, you may be ill.

Love you,

Penny x


  1. April 4, 2019 / 7:01 pm

    That last photo OH MY GODDD All of these are SO SO TRUUUUE, one of my dogs are always sleeping on my bed, even thought they got a new bed not so long ago

    Abi x /

    • PFrance
      April 4, 2019 / 8:06 pm

      Hahaha thank you so much lovely, I am glad you love them!! Honestly, it was the one thing I really took my time with when buying, considered everything… he has not once slept in it! But they’re too cute to hold a grudge! Lots of love darling xx

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