Princess Pastel Hair Colours Are This Year’s Style

If like me, you’re not a seasonal colour changer but wish you could stay up to date with the coolest trends then this is the post for you. A recent article from Vogue suggests that stars are already jumping on this princess pastel bandwagon for the spring/summer of 2019 and I am very happy to get on board.

Say princess pastel again one more time and I am all yours. With celebs such as Lady Gaga, Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber going frosty-blue, pastel pink and peach, now is the time to pick your look for the upcoming festival season.

Any excuse to feel like a real life Disney Princess everyday.

Now if you don’t trust those ever airbrushing tabloids, allow me to help. Following my recent collab with the Sally Beauty UK team and Maria Nila, you can see the real results for yourself here, after I went peach! The colour was subtle and golden, which I personally loved, but it really picked up on my blonde highlights, giving me a balayage look of pastel peach and baby pink.

As mentioned, their colours are all semi-permanent so will wash out very quickly and do not leave a lasting stain. Mine was pretty much gone after just one wash. You can buy the colours through the Sally Beauty UK website here for as little as £10.99 and best of all, Maria Nila are 100% vegan and do not test on our wonderful animals!

During the collab, I also worked with the beautiful London Fashion Blogger Katie Penny who went lavender for this event and boy did she look HOT! You can check out her hair in my Insta highlights from the day too.

The colours are super easy to apply and can be complete in less than 10 minutes! Check out my step by step application guide here.

If you do end up going for the Princess Pastel look, please let me see your styles by hashtagging on Instagram #pennysponytale and tag @pennyfrance, because I am loving this dreamy trend!

Penny x

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