Keeping it blonde

I love being blonde, I have been blonde for well over ten years now and I have no plans to change my hair colour anytime soon. I am very fortunate to say that all of my hair is real, 100% grown by me, however the colour is not, as I am naturally brunette.

A trip to the hairdressers is a full day event for me, usually taking around 5 hours for a full head of highlights. Kill. Me. Now. I try to colour my hair as little as possible, to maintain my hair health, mainly because staring at myself in the mirror for 5 hours is monotonous. Most hairdressers hate me too.

As I do not have an endless amount of time… or money to highlight my hair, another great way to maintain my colour is the shampoo and conditioner I use. The ever amazing Maria Nila recently sent me a batch of their Sheer Silver range and I am absolutely over the moon. Sheer Silver was one of their only ranges that I had not already tried but since using I am hooked!

Sheer Silver Shampoo
The Sheer Silver shampoo has been created specifically for blonde hair, to bring shine and emphasise colour, it also smells like an absolute dream, I kid you not, as it is made with blackberry extract. In addition this shampoo is completely sulphate and paraben free, meaning no nasty chemicals. The Sheer Silver shampoo is a sparkly bright purple gel/liquid-type, it is so pretty, I feel like I am massaging my very own secret potion into my hair every time I use it. Cue the crystal ball.

Sheer Silver Conditioner
The Sheer Silver conditioner, again, smells like a dream with the same blackberry extract. It is a light violet creamy texture that detangles and moisturises hair. Using this conditioner regularly will strengthen the structure of your hair whilst also gently softening to avoid further damage.

Sheer Silver Masque
The Sheer Silver masque is a beautiful treatment to use on your hair every couple of weeks. Shampoo your hair as normal then add the masque afterwards, mainly applying to the ends of your hair, use this treatment in replace of your normal conditioner. Wrap your hair in a hot towel and relax in the bath for as long as you can. This masque is a gentle nourishing treatment that will leave your hair looking and feeling silky soft.

And finally, as if I haven’t told you this enough times already, all of the Maria Nila products are completely vegan and 100% cruelty free! #SaveTheAnimals

I highly recommend this range, especially if you are blonde like me, however I did read on the internet that this range can also be used on dark hair, so great for everyone to try.

Penny x


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    December 9, 2018 / 9:16 pm

    Great post

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      December 18, 2018 / 10:37 am

      Thank you very much šŸ™‚

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