Keeping My Locks Soft

Happy bank holiday weekend, I hope it has been a good one! I spent my weekend in London Town, with the most beautiful group of friends, who I am very lucky to have in my life, so we drank cocktails to celebrate. Last week was also a very busy one, with weddings, road trips to Wales and Liverpool and a few birthdays too.

It was also quite a hectic week for my hair, with a lot of hair washes, blow drys and curls to keep up with the celebrations, so I wanted to spend my bank holiday Monday taking sometime to give the locks a little TLC.

If you have read my posts before, you will know that this is not the first time I have raved over this brand. If you haven’t, Maria Nila is an amazing haircare brand, produced in Sweden and all of their products are 100% vegan and cruelty free. Need I say anymore?!

They have a huge range for all hair types and after a week of applying a little too much heat, I needed to give my hair some nourishment. The products that I am going to talk to you about today are those from their True Soft range… and I love them.

True Soft Shampoo

This is a gentle shampoo that will clean, but also add strength and structure to your hair. I hate it when your hair begins to feel dry, coarse and generally look a little dull. With frequent use of this shampoo, it will help add that missing bit of life back into your hair. This is a creamy shampoo, with added smoothing Argan oil, because Argan oil is hair life! I will/do talk about this stuff a lot, so if you want to know anymore around my love for Argan oil then check out a previous post of mine here.

True Soft Conditioner

The conditioner is a thick, creamy consistency, also with added Argan oil. It deeply nourishes your hair and really helps to remove any horrible tangles. I always apply the conditioner generously, as I want my hair to soak up the goodness as much as possible. Do not ever be afraid to leave conditioner in the ends of your hair as long as possible, whether it is just for a few extra minutes or not fully washing out, it is not going to do any harm.

I purchased the True Soft shampoo and conditioner in the slightly smaller 300ml size, as I always use this range after a swim at the gym (who am I kidding, usually after a hot tub or sauna). Either way, I hate the thought of chlorine and chemicals remaining in my hair and these are the perfect travel size duo to keep in my bag as my little hair saviour.

The True Soft range can be purchased online here. I am yet to try the masque but this is next on my wish list!

Remember the more attention you give your hair, the more that baby will shine.

Enjoy what is left of the bank holiday, give yourself a little pamper if you can find the time, and do let me know if you have used Maria’s True Soft range and what your thoughts are.

Penny x

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