How to achieve holiday beach wave hair

Can you believe how hot it has been this weekend? Summer of dreams! I love this weather and would happily enjoy this madness 24/7. My body responds so positively to the heat, I feel like a golden goddess, my skin clears up and it seems socially acceptable to allow the crazy cat lady fro.

When I am on holiday, I do very little to my hair in terms of ‘style’. I certainly wash my hair more than I normally would at home, mainly because I have the time, but I just love the beach wave look.

As it feels like we are on holiday here in London, I am sporting the beach wave hair daily and here are my steps to achieve the look:

Step 1.
I wash my hair as normal and after a little towel dry I always add a leave-in smoothing hair oil. I apply this gently to my hair to give it a long lasting hair treatment, select this treatment based on your natural hair type. Let me know if you are interested in the products I use and I can certainly tell you more.

Step 2.
After adding the treatment and whilst still damp, I brush through my hair with a detangling hair brush. Although this straightens and flattens my hair, I feel so uncomfortable leaving my hair to dry without removing any knots beforehand. Once the bulk of tangles are removed, I flick my hair over my head and gently brush through again (just upside down). Once finished, flick it back, with a bit of energy, to add a little natural volume.

Step 3.
I then add another leave-in hair treatment, usually a lightweight cream with added proteins. I apply this gently only the the ends of my hair to tame any wispy splits.

Step 4.
If you want to achieve the beach wave look you have got to let your hair be wild and free. I flick my hair over my head again and give it a good old spray with a sea salt styling product. Whilst spraying this into the ends of my damp hair, I carefully scrunch the sprayed strands together, to maximise the stick of the product through my hair.

Step 5.
I then leave it to dry naturally. In this heat I find it so cooling, like a happy little pooch paddling around a lake, and the humidity only really adds to the volume. If I have the time, I loosely plait my hair whilst getting ready to allow the waves to set even more, the longer the better, so leave them in over night if you can.

Add some sea air the next day and I am one happy beach blonde.

I love this holiday hair style and it definitely helps that it is quick and easy. For me, sunshine is for worshipping so I fully intend to keep ‘the getting ready part’ to a minimum. Let me know if these steps work for you, I would love to see your holiday hair pics!

Penny x

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