My week and my inspiration

My week

Where do I even begin? After posting my first piece online last week, I have been utterly blown away by the positivity and support I received from so many people. I think I made it pretty clear in the post, I was fairly nervous about writing ‘publicly’. However, thanks to such incredible people around me, I have never been more excited to continue doing something I love.

So many people took the time to read the post and come back with such kind-hearted words. Thank you to the people who reached out and thank you to everyone that took the time to just read, you made my week.

My inspiration

As so many people were so kind following my recent post, I wanted to take the time to talk about the ladies that have inspired me.

La Vie De Faye – There are a lot of things in my life that I could not have done without this lady. I am lucky enough to call Faye my friend, as well as her blog inspiring me every single day. Faye fills me with confidence and I could never thank her enough for all that she has said and done to help me focus and generally, just keep smiling.

Faye’s Instagram page is the prettiest and most calming thing I have ever seen. I look, take a deep breath and automatically feel as though I have been swept away to the most peaceful place on earth. Faye has so much style and originality behind everything that she writes and photographs. I know great things are on the horizon for this lovely lady and I hope I can be there to fill her with confidence, as she has done for me.

My Kitchen Drawer – The most beautiful baker in all the land. Alix is another wonderful human that I am very lucky to call my friend, we have enjoyed many glasses of prosecco and cocktails together, and even more laughs.

Alix has the most incredible blog dedicated to baking, she works super hard and this certainly has not gone unnoticed. Last year Alix launched The Unicorn Cookbook which quickly became a best seller, who doesn’t love a unicorn themed baking sesh? It is so amazing to see how Alix has turned a hobby into a career, which later this year will see her releasing her second book, The Mermaid Cookbook. I wish nothing more for Alix than true happiness and success, and with her drive, she will certainly achieve both.

This Surrey Mummy – Through our father’s crossing paths several years ago, this happy go lucky family blogger popped up on my feed and she has been lighting my life with positivity ever since.

Nathalie is such a fun-loving person with two beautiful little boys. Everyday her gram makes me chuckle or smile, and really, what more do you need in life? Nathalie has always supported me, even before I started writing and I truly admire her outlook on life.

My weekend

This weekend has been spent around beautiful humans… and non-humans (mainly dogs and cows for those not watching on the gram). We celebrated a friend’s 30th birthday on Friday, which was then followed by a relaxing stay with family in our Wiltshire home.

I am so lucky to have such wonderful people in my life and on reflection, I have realised that these people will never fail to surprise me with their support. Because of people like this, we really do have the power to achieve anything.

Note to self – Have courage and be kind.

Penny x


  1. Michelle Fletcher
    July 29, 2018 / 9:37 pm

    Amazing Penny – great ‘food for thought’. I’m off to check these peoples instagrams 🙂

    • PFrance
      July 30, 2018 / 8:58 am

      Thank you so much Michelle, I hope you enjoyed it 🙂 You will love their grams! x

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